Gaming Laptop 15.6-inch Intel Core i7-1065G7 i5 16GB+1TB MX330 Graphic Card 1920*1080 Computer Office Windows 11 Notebook Gamer


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Gaming Laptop 15.6-inch Intel Core i7-1065G7 i5 16GB+1TB MX330 Graphic Card 1920*1080 Computer, Office Windows 11 Notebook Gamer


intel i7 1065G7 MX330 2G

2G independent display | 4 cores and 8 threads

10th Generation Core Strong Core

Intel 10th generation Core i7, turbo frequency up to 3.9GHz, L3 cache 12M. Easy switching of multitasking without lag, more powerful performance and smooth operation

GeForce MX330 2G Discrete graphics card

Effectively help laptop graphics performance increase by 2 times. It can play large online games, design graphics, 3D modeling and render videos. Extending battery life also brings more delicate and realistic image effects and smoother large-scale gaming experience.

Enjoy your esports journey

Not bound by “efinition”, not limited by “unknown”, pushing game attributes and flagship experience to new heights.Faster operation, smoother running ability, easy to play the current popular mainstream online games.
High-performance graphics card for smooth gaming

office entertainment Make design creation smoother

It is easy to control 3D modeling, PS, Al, DW, Excel forms and other multi-image software to run at the same time. The ideal workstation for those who value value for money.

Fingerprint unlock Fast security

No need to enter the login password, just touch the fingerprint sensor with your finger, you can log in conveniently and safely, effectively preventing the leakage of the password!

SSD+SSD dual channel Dual memory transfer storage

Optional dual-channel, can support PCle high storage solid state drive + expandable SSD solid state, fully release work productivity

Metal Body Ultra Light Thin

The fuselage is light from the inside to the outside, and the sturdy magnesium-aluminum alloy material is wrapped. Under the elegant appearance, the delicate hand feels like a work of art.

Narrow Border HD IPS screen

Ultra-narrow bezel design on three sides, 4mm ultra-narrow bezel, 160° wide viewing angle, high screen-to-body ratio. About 90.7%, wider field of view, faster response

Full Size keyboard Backlit keyboard

Carefully adjust the key distance and percussion elasticity, long-term percussion is not tired, equipped with a bright moon white backlit keyboard, even if you play in the dark, plus an independent numeric keyboard

Pleasant sound Dolby Sound

Equipped with Dolby-tuned speakers, the treble is clear and penetrating, and the bass is naturally surging. Whether listening to music or watching movies, the sound performance is stunning

Hassle-free travel long-lasting battery life

Built-in large-capacity battery, to achieve long-term battery life of 48 hours long standby

Efficient heat dissipation Dual fans + dual copper tubes for cooling

The thick copper tube is used for efficient heat conduction, and it is equipped with a high-speed fan design, which has a larger weight to ensure that the computer maintains a better state when it is running.

HD camera Video and audio integration

The high-definition pixel camera makes people who are thousands of miles apart seem to be in the same room in front of the computer. It can not only easily greet remotely, but also sit and chat freely, so that communication is no longer separated by distance

WiFi+Bluetooth Dual-band WIFI

The advantages of dual-band WIFI devices are that they have stronger and more stable WIFI wireless signals, higher transmission speeds, and make wireless devices more power-efficient.

Product Parameters
Use the scene show

The original keyboard is in English. We use laser engraving in other languages, some of which are stickers, please contact or note the corresponding language after placing the order. The operating system of our device supports multiple languages.

The actual available storage space is not equal to the number written. The reason we can explain is that the software configuration will take up part of the storage space.
*We cannot accept disputes about RAM/ROM differences.

After sale
If the product has any problems within 7 days after receiving the package, please contact our professional customer service, please provide us with a video proof, we will solve it for you, and we will provide a replacement or refund after confirming the problem.

About taxes
Our prices do not include taxes and fees, and we are not responsible for any customs-related fees. If you have special requirements, please let me know. We do not accept disputes over customs issues (paying taxes is the obligation of every citizen)

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New machine must-read items:
1. The new machine has been in production for a few months, and the power is very weak. The first few times it was turned off and charged for 8 hours, and then it was disconnected from the power supply until the power was low or no power. Repeated three or four times, the system and the battery are more compatible. In the later stage, it can be used while charging, and it can be charged when the battery is less than 30.
2. After the system is connected to the Internet for the first few times, a large number of updates will be performed, which will occupy computer resources, and may cause phenomena such as stuck, slow, hot, and even short-term driver failure. After the system is all updated and restarted, it will be normal.
3, the system has anti-virus and firewall, it is recommended not to install other anti-virus software
4. To download software, open the software management to search and download first. If you cannot search for software in the software management, go to the browser to search. When downloading, choose normal download. Note that there are many bundled options, and be careful step by step.
5, Shut down, try to use the lower left corner of the system to click Shut Down. Wait until the lights are off, then close the cover.
6. Do not store important data on the C drive and desktop to avoid loss when resetting the system or restoring the system.
7. Turn off the machine immediately after accidental water entry, and do not turn it on again for charging and other operations.
8, long press the switch button and hold, you can force the shutdown. Only let go after the shutdown
9. If it is not used for a long time, it is recommended to charge and discharge it once every two or three days to avoid battery damage.


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8GB-256GB, 8GB-512GB, 8GB-1024GB, 16GB-256GB, 16GB-512GB, 16GB-1024GB, 32GB-256GB, 32GB-512GB, 32GB-1024GB

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Processor Model

Intel Core i5-1035G1, Intel Core i7-1065G7


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