V10XPro Sound Card Studio Mixer Singing Noise Reduction Microphone Voice BM800 Live Broadcast Phone Computer Record V10X Pro


V10XPro Sound Card Studio Mixer Singing Noise Reduction Microphone Voice BM800 Live Broadcast Phone Computer Record V10X Pro

“Achieve studio-quality recordings with the V10XPro Sound Card Studio Mixer and BM800 microphone. Elevate your content with voice modulation, real-time sound effects, and versatile connectivity. Unlock your creative potential and stand out from the crowd. Buy now for a professional recording experience!”



V10XPro Sound Card Studio Mixer Singing Noise Reduction Microphone Voice BM800, Live Broadcast Phone Computer Record V10X Pro

“Studio-Quality Sound for Professional Recordings”

Unleash your creativity and produce studio-quality recordings with the V10XPro Sound Card Studio Mixer. This innovative device is designed to elevate your audio experience, making it ideal for musicians, content creators, and voiceover artists. Whether you’re recording vocals, musical instruments, or podcasts, the V10XPro ensures crystal-clear sound with its advanced noise-reduction technology.

High-Performance Microphone

Capture every nuance of your voice with the included BM800 microphone. Its premium condenser design delivers exceptional sensitivity, making you effortlessly produce professional-grade recordings. The microphone’s cardioid polar pattern focuses on the primary sound source while minimizing background noise, resulting in clean and focused audio.

Professional Studio Mixer

Take control of your audio with the V10XPro Sound Card. This powerful mixer offers multiple sound effects, real-time monitoring, and adjustable equalizer settings. With its intuitive interface, you can fine-tune your sound to perfection, adding reverb, echo, and more for a polished, professional result.

Noise Reduction Technology

Say goodbye to unwanted background noise. The V10XPro’s noise reduction technology ensures a pristine recording environment, even in less-than-ideal settings. Enjoy clear vocals and instrumentals without the interference of ambient sounds, making your recordings stand out from the crowd.

“Versatile Connectivity for Seamless Integration”

Experience unparalleled versatility with the V10XPro Sound Card Studio Mixer, designed to seamlessly integrate with various devices and platforms. Whether you’re a professional streamer, content creator, or musician, this sound card offers unmatched connectivity options for ultimate convenience.

Live Broadcast and Streaming Made Easy

Share your talent and content with the world effortlessly. The V10XPro allows for direct live broadcasting and streaming to popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. Connect your device to the sound card, and instantly engage with your audience in real time with top-notch audio quality.

Plug and Play Functionality

No complicated setups or installations. The V10XPro offers plug and play functionality, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Simply connect the sound card to your phone, computer, or tablet, and start recording or streaming without delay. Its compact design also makes it perfect for on-the-go content creation.

Mobile and Computer Compatibility

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, the V10XPro has you covered. Its wide compatibility allows for seamless integration with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems, ensuring you can use your preferred device for recording and streaming without limitations.

“Elevate Your Voice with Creative Sound Effects”

Stand out from the crowd and add a touch of creativity to your recordings with the V10XPro Sound Card Studio Mixer. This cutting-edge device offers a plethora of sound effects and voice modulation options to elevate your content and make it truly unique.

Voice Modulation for Playful Creativity

Unleash your inner performer with voice modulation features. The V10XPro lets you transform your voice into various character sounds, making it perfect for entertaining content, voiceovers, and gaming streams. Engage your audience with a playful and captivating performance they won’t forget.

Real-Time Sound Effects

Take control of your sound on the fly. The V10XPro provides real-time sound effects, allowing you to add excitement and dynamics to your recordings instantly. Enhance your vocals with echo, adjust pitch levels, and create a personalized audio experience for your listeners.

Built-In Sound Library

Expand your creative possibilities with the V10XPro’s built-in sound library. Access a wide array of sound effects, musical jingles, and background tracks to enhance your content. From upbeat tunes to soothing melodies, this sound card offers everything you need to elevate your recordings.

  • V10XPro Sound Card
  • Studio Mixer
  • Singing Microphone
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Live Broadcast
  • Phone Recording
  • Computer Voice Modulation
  • BM800 Microphone
  • Real-Time Sound Effects
  • Content Creation


Product feature description
New bm800 Set USB V10XPRO Sound Card External Smart Professional Connect Phone And Tablet
Products Status
Interface Type
Computer External Sound Card
Mobile Phone Computer
Noise Reduction
Product name
Audio Sound Card
Usb Sound Card Music
Professional Recording Sound Card

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BM800, A, C, D, E, BM800(Note Color), V10X PRO


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